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Cardrew NHS - Health Centre

The development of the Cardrew Health Centre in Redruth Cornwall provided Courtney Homes Ltd with a clear opportunity to quickly establish its reputation as an innovative provider of Primary Care solutions.

Through personal commitment and supervision, Matthew Courtney has ensured that Courtney Homes Ltd’s success in the provision of high quality homes is now being applied to the provision of bespoke solutions in the field of Primary Care.

Cardrew Health Centre was commissioned by Nestor Primecare, one of the largest GP out-of-hours providers in the country. Nestor Primecare had been successful in its tender to provide a
walk-in centre for the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust as part of the national Equitable Access to Primary Care (EAPC) initiative.

As part of its tender, Nestor Primecare was responsible for the provision of the accommodation as well as the clinical services.
As one of its first EAPC successes, Nestor Primecare was committed to ensuring that both the premises and the clinical services were of the highest standard.

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